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We created the J2M community for Moms who need MORE than workouts. It’s for Moms who want step-by-step coaching, accountability AND a supportive mom squad to connect with along their journeys

All fitness levels are welcome! –Pregnancy, Postpartum, Beginner, Intermediate, Low Impact & High Impact program options are available to participants.

Members receive fitness programs, lifestyle coaching, and mindset motivation in our online community at a competitive, flat monthly rate! Interact with our Fit Mom health coaches, get the answers you need and share your journey with other Moms striving to live their best Fit Mom Lives in 2020!


The following services are offered

✅8 Week Exercise Programs

Core Rehab Programs

Macro Coaching

Food Lists w/Portion Guides

Lifestyle + Mindset Coaching

Q+A with Coaches in the App

✅Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls  (2 Saturday’s per month, 11:15am EST)


Why is the J2M Community unique? 

✅WHO ARE WE? Certified, knowledgable REAL, hands-on busy Moms! This is a “for moms by moms” membership! We share our expertise, keep it real, motivate you, and show you how to change YOUR lifestyle.

✅MISSION – Equip Moms and Moms-to-Be with the resources and support they need to live healthy, fit lifestyles. We created this for busy Moms who are striving to have it all : Moms can workout, feel good, and live healthy, balanced lives! We go far beyond exercise — we dive into goal setting, mindset, healthy relationships with food, and how to make simple lifestyle changes for long-term success.

✅J2M PRINCIPLES– The PROCESS is more important than the outcomes! We teach you behaviors that will help you change your lifestyle. The results will follow! Our clients ARE losing weight, building muscle etc. — but they’re doing it the HEALTHY way and seeing long -term success.

✅FITNESS PROGRAMS- We offer workouts for different fitness levels that are safe but challenging and appropriate during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. Program options include: Low Impact, High impact, DR Safe, and Core Rehab. We also EDUCATE you to understand the best options for YOUR body and include tutorials on checking for diastasis recti, coordinated breathing and proper exercises form.

✅NUTRITION – We teach you how to reach your goals by eating REAL food —no strict diets or restrictions. Our principles are designed for long-term success and compliment existing programs (i.e. meal guides, weight loss program of choice etc). We firmly believe that there is no one-size-fits all approach for success. We pride ourselves on educating Moms on HOW to tailor programs to their needs. We welcome all dietetic needs (plant based, pescatarian, etc.).



***Billing:  All members agree to commit to a 90 day term, billed at the beginning of each month. Membership is billed monthly via recurring auto draft. ***

*Note: For highly specialized corrective programs, please book a service consultation for 1-on-1 Services.


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