Meet the Founder



I birthed J2M from a very personal space, near and dear to my heart. My mission is driven by a deep desire to ensure that other Moms have the support they need; the same support I needed but did not have during my own pregnancy and postpartum journeys. During my first pregnancy in 2016 I knew I should and could stay active, but found very limited information about HOW to train vigorously while modifying my workouts safely. By that point I had been a Certified Personal Trainer and Women’s Fitness Specialist for 6 years, but I wanted to dive even deeper into Pre/Postnatal Fitness specifically. So I got certified as a Pre/Postnatal Fitness Instructor in 2016 then started teaching Pregnancy and Mom/Baby Classes in the Metro Atlanta area during my third trimester. I’ve never looked back and have been teaching and training new and expectant Moms ever since. I’ve also had two other children since then, making me a Mom of three (ages 5 and under). I’ve spent the past 5 years marrying over a decade of personal training and program design experience with my Pre/Postnatal Expertise, client transformations, and personal journeys. I want Moms to have all the answers that I couldn’t find with a quick google search back in 2016.

The rude awakening of 2 under 2 life was the catalyst that drove me to launch J2M in 2018. Three years ago, as a Mom of 2 under 2, I felt overwhelmed, exhausted and stuck in the never-ending new mom cycle. I was completely burned out. At a moment’s notice I would cry out of pure frustration and exhaustion. That’s when the panic attacks started. I was paralyzed, drowning in anxiety. It was an utterly hopeless feeling. Then one day I decided to take charge of my health and change the narrative. That’s when I packed up my kids and started walking outdoors. Our walks were exercise therapy. Then I added solo morning gym sessions. As I progressed in my exercise journey, my mental and emotional health improved. I gained mental clarity, felt more energized, and slept better at night. I finally had the energy I needed to take charge of my health AND my household.  This is why I teach Moms how to take charge of their health from the inside out: mind AND body. I have the pleasure of coaching and supporting women to change their lives!

Christina’s Professional Credentials

Women’s Fitness Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)

Pre/Postnatal Fitness Instruction (Oh Baby! Fitness)

MBA in Healthcare Administration (South University)

BA in Sociology (Columbia University)