J2M Founder

Behind The Brand

Christina Lumpkin is a Pre/Post-Natal Fitness Expert (Oh Baby! Fitness), Women’s
Fitness Specialist (NASM-WFS), Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT) and Certified Group Fitness Instructor (AFAA). She also works as a College Wellness Educator. In addition to her fitness credentials, the former Division I Basketball athlete holds a BA in Sociology from Columbia University and an MBA in Healthcare Administration from
South University.

Christina aims for inclusivity of all fitness levels. This has led her to incorporate a variety of fitness training styles into her program design and service offerings: Circuit/HIIT, Strength & Stability, Low Impact Cardio/Aerobics, Barre Fusion,
Line Dancing & Boxing.

Christina’s mission is to empower women by educating them about exercise, healthy
behaviors, and self-care practices. As a wife, mother, and fitness professional, she
understands the challenges that many women face in prioritizing their health while
meeting life’s daily demands.

Christina resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and children. Motherhood and her
fitness passion occupy most of her time, but she enjoys writing, traveling, and date nights
with her husband.